2020 Workshop Descriptions (coming)

Please check back later. Here are the workshops from 2019 to give you an idea of what to expect.

wdt_ID Title Leaders Deccription
2 Mindfulness as a Path to Emotional Sobriety*** Valca V, Bill P and Rob W Find out how practicing mindfulness can lead to greater serenity, clarity and emotional sobriety. Join us while we explore what mindfulness is and how to cultivate it through mindfulness of breath, body and movement. There will also be a discussion on how to use mindfulness as a tool in dealing with difficult emotions that often underlie addiction. 2 short practice sessions will be included. ***This workshop is two hours and starts at 8:00am on Saturday.
3 Who Am I When I'm With You?: Dating, Sex and Intimacy in Sobriety Kyle S. and Audrey W. No flavor for your fare? Or on a straight pepper diet? Come join us to talk about dating, intimacy, and the sexual ideal in recovery, and how the use of social media and technology has impacted our experiences.
39 Remembering to Play and Have Fun in Recovery John D. Recovery from substance abuse and past traumas is an intense, life-changing process. It is critical to approach the work required of the twelve steps with determination. Oftentimes, we bring this seriousness into other aspects of our lives. It is important to remember that recovery is the process of accepting the gift of life from our higher power, a gift we are meant to enjoy and share with those around us. Enjoying life means sharing laughter and levity with our fellows, remembering to smile and not take ourselves (or anything) too seriously. When we play and have fun in our lives, we tap into an eternal joy, a light-heartedness that enriches the lives of all those it touches. Joy is a gift of the program—a gift we must remember to accept and share! In this workshop, we will play, laugh, and connect with our fellows.
6 The Neurobiology of Recovery Brian G. A workshop showing why the first years of recovery are a struggle in addiction and why relapse can be a struggle for many. We will take a look at the biology of addiction for meth, alcohol, cocaine, etc. and have an energetic discussion of how this is reflected in our own behaviors. Newcomers, sponsors, sponsees, and those who struggle with relapse are warmly invited to this discussion.
37 Listening to the Mind to Heal the Body: Journaling to set you free from emotional and physical pain. Nicole S. Nicole is a psychologist, author, teacher and nationwide expert in the treatment of chronic pain and emotional blockages through mind/body medicine. Her trademarked method: JournalSpeak, helps guide people to safely and lovingly unlock the repressed emotions which are keeping them sick and stuck. This type of self-reflection works for people on all ends of the spectrum, from those with physical pain to those who simply want a boost in their joy and freedom. Join Nicole and her fabulous assistant Keith for an eye-opening and mind-opening workshop on living your best life, with concrete tools to put into immediate action.
8 Constructing the Road of Happy Destiny: A Workshop About Flourishing in Recovery Michael L. The big book of AA says, “We realize we know only a little...”  Since the founding of the original 12-step recovery programs, scientists have added new insights for how to cultivate flourishing lives. Workshop participants will be introduced to testable insights which more reliably impact the experience of flourishing recovery. Goals for participants: 1) greater skill at living into purpose and connection, 2) additional recovery allies, 3) more reliable knowledge for cultivating positive habits, and 4) optimism for a roadmap towards boosting life satisfaction and delight.
9 Shamanic Journey Meditation Jeanne H. Shamanic Journeying is a tool for spiritual growth with ancient roots. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, People utilize the Shamanic Journey to receive answers to questions, gain clarity around relationship, and raise their vibration.

What does it mean to raise your vibration? It means to increase your level of energy, your happiness, your health and your overall success.
A higher vibration simply makes life better!
10 We're Still Having Fun and You're Still the One--Impact of the 12 Steps in Relationships Aaron/Ted - June/Cindy - Rick/Jason Relationships can impact recovery. Recovery can impact relationships. Several couples and workshop participants share their experience with formation, evolution, and maintenance of their relationships in light of their different mixtures of recovery programs.
11 Blind Contours and the Art Inside You Mark P. and Dick M. All too often our interactions with other people are rushed, unintentional, or fake. Sometimes we fill the space between us with noise and meaningless chatter. A buffer to protect us from uncomfortable silence. But what if silence could be intentional? What if we allowed ourselves to be seen, and in turn truly saw another? This workshop will help you to uncover the creative spark inside you that addiction behaviors fought to snuff out.
12 Trans Recovery and the AA World Keygan M. and Declan S. This workshop aims to teach the basics that an ally needs to know when creating a welcoming environment for transgender individuals. Further, the session will discuss how AA principles can be applied to the specific needs and challenges that transgender individuals face in their recovery. Understanding one another, our differences and our similarities can help us to continue to put principles before personalities and walk down an even better path of recovery together.
Title Leaders Deccription