Virtual Roundup FAQ

2022 “Going Platinum” Spirit By The Sea 20th Anniversary Rehoboth Roundup Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Wait — WHAT is happening?

A: The 2022 “Going Platinum” Spirit By the Sea 20th Anniversary Rehoboth Roundup is moving from an in-person gathering to virtual. After much debate, the committee has reluctantly opted to do this out of an abundance of caution due to the current threat to public health posed by the Omicron variant of COVID-19/SARScov2, especially in Delaware. We care about the welfare of all our participants — as well as our own welfare — and it was decided that the committee could not, in good conscience, host a large gathering at this point. With the rise in numbers and the health systems stretched beyond their capacity to function safely, we thought it best not to add to the problem by going against what health experts are telling all of us. Recovery literature reminds us act in unity for the interests of our 12-Step recovery communities, follow the directions of experts and do not engage in any controversy outside of our 12 Step fellowships.

We realize that this may be frustrating for a lot of people, but we hope we can all lean into what the program teaches us about when life doesn’t go as expected, and cooperate with and accept life on life’s terms. Let’s work together to make the best of this situation like we AAs have always done since 1939! Its been a trying time for all of us. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are eager to come back together in person in a face to face as it has been a long time between hugs. May who or what keeps you close keep you close as we walk through this together.

That said, we are NOT leaving our registrants high and dry. We want to make this as great of an experience as possible for you! So we are offering the following to all of those who registered for the in-person roundup before this change was made:

  • FOR THIS YEAR, if you registered for the roundup before January 9th, you are AUTOMATICALLY registered for the virtual roundup. No need to take any additional steps at this point. We will be reaching out to you soon to choose workshops to attend, but you are already registered.
  • Your registration for the 2022 in-person roundup and all events will transfer automatically to our next in-person roundup, which we HOPE we can convene in 2023. You will not need to take any additional action to confirm your registration to this at this time.

Q: So if I registered for the 2022 roundup before January 9, what do I have to do to register for the virtual roundup?

A: You don’t have to do a thing. You are automatically registered for the virtual conference. We will be reaching out to you to allow you to RSVP for the programming you’d like to attend.

Q: What about the next in-person roundup? If I registered for the 2022 roundup before January 9, am I going to have to pay again for the next in-person roundup? 

A: You are automatically registered and all paid up for our next in-person roundup which we are praying we can convene in 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!

Q: What about my hotel reservation? 

If you want to cancel your hotel reservation at the Atlantic Sands, call the front desk at 302 227 2511. That is the only way to do it. Unfortunately we will not be able to cancel for you.

Q: What if I won’t be able to attend any future roundups after 2022, and don’t want my registration transferred, or I am facing a financial hardship due to this change? 

A: the Spirit By the Sea Rehoboth Roundup’s stated policy that you agreed to when you registered, but if we cannot transfer this registration to the next in-person roundup for you because of a financial hardship or an inability to attend any future roudups, please contact our treasurer to discuss a refund. We will have to subtract $10 in transaction fees, according to our deal with PayPal, but we can try to work something out with you. Please note, if you opt for a refund, you will NOT be automatically registered for this year’s virtual roundup, and you will lose your registration for our next in-person roundup.

Q: I talked to the treasurer about a refund, but I haven’t received it. What’s going on? 

A: The refunds are processed by PayPal first, and then by your credit or banking institution. We have put the process into action already when we confirmed with you that you are being refunded, but you may have to wait a few days for it to process with those two institutions. Please be patient, and we are sorry about any delays this complicated process causes. If the delay goes on more than 10 business days, contact the treasurer.

Q: I did not register for the roundup before January 9, but now that it’s online, I’m interested in attending. How can I register?

A: If you’d like to attend the virtual roundup, you can register here. If you were not registered before January 9, registration is $10 for the virtual conference.

Q: I am interested in leading a virtual workshop or panel during the roundup. How do I propose programming? 

A: If you are interested in leading programming during the virtual roundup, please contact our programming committee here.

Q: I am a performer interested in helping with the virtual entertainment during the roundup. How can I take part in one of the fun entertainment events?

A: If you are interested in taking part in some of our entertainment programming during the virtual roundup, please contact our entertainment committee here.

Q: If I’m presenting a virtual workshop or panel during the roundup, am I using my own personal virtual meeting account? Am I in charge of my own security? Am I on my own setting this up? 

A: If you are presenting a virtual workshop or panel during the roundup, you are NOT on your own! We will set up the virtual meeting for you, and we will help connect you to helpers for security and running the meeting. Our programming committee will be in touch with you to let you know how to access your workshop and give you all of the details to help make the event go as smoothly as possible!

Q: Last year I was unable to access a workshop that I signed up for. Will that happen again this year? 

A: We’re taking measures to make sure that all registrants will have access to the workshops they will have registered for. First, we will be managing all zoom accounts, all meeting hosting, and all meeting security, so there will be consistency in how each meeting is set up and run. Second, we are providing a bulletin board to report any tech issues participants are having, so they can be ironed out quickly, and presenters will be in contact with committee members before and during their workshops to assure they go smoothly.

Q: Last year, I signed up to present a workshop, but I could not get into the zoom meeting assigned to me. Will that happen again this year? 

A: This will not happen again. We’re taking measures to eliminate the workshop presenter access problem that stemmed from zoom hosts not showing up last year. We are going to have a better system in place to assure every meeting opens up as expected. There will be a hosting Plan B and Plan C for every workshop. Unless there is a larger unlikely tech issue (everyone on the boards’ internet goes down at once) this should not ever happen again.

Q: Wait, this is happening on zoom? Doesn’t that mean that outsiders can disrupt our workshops?

A: We will have rigorous security measures in place. The meeting connection information will ONLY be available to those that registered for the workshops. We will have extra security in place for every meeting, and dedicated zoom techs to troubleshoot tech issues as well as handle all security. In the unlikely event a meeting is disrupted by an outsider (Zoom Bomber), our zoom techs will be prepared to swiftly deal with the problem and return the meeting to order in no time.