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Charli D'amelio Reaches 100m Tiktok Followers Despite Backlash
Charli D'amelio Reaches 100m Tiktok Followers Despite Backlash
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Alessandro went on to discuss how TikTok is a different animal from Instagram. While one post can go viral on Instagram, TikTok users need to constantly be putting out new content in order to stay relevant, and to grow their following. A viral TikTok video can open a door, but it won't keep it open for very long. Charli's overnight success is baffling to many, especially to those who still aren't quite sure about TikTok's reach. While the short video sharing app TikTok may seem like it's passed anyone who is not part of Gen Z behind, the app has become a marketing goldmine for companies and influencers. It was first launched outside of China in 2017, and within two years, it became the most-downloaded app in the U.S.



In one of Emma’s recent videos, she discovered the target of her loyalty test was engaged. She has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million and the main source of her income is modeling, brand sponsorships, onlyfans, etc. The TikTok trend has also translated into millions of Spotify listeners. A screenshot of Ramsey’s Spotify page from public internet archive The Wayback Machine shows that Ramsey had 446,000 monthly listeners on December 24, 2021.



Now though, the 21-year-old TikTok creator Khabane Lame (AKA @khaby.lame) looks set to take the crown. On TikTok, the members share various cover dances and situational content. A recent video on TikTok with all of the members surpassed 8 million views. MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk’s video was even promoted on TikTok Korea’s official account. On October 16, MIRAE surpassed 1 million followers on their official TikTok account.



The two D'Amelios were recently thrown under the bus following their negative-toned remarks during theirDinner With the D'Ameliosseries on YouTube. Users accused the siblings of acting 'rude' and making faces towards the family's private chef, Aaron May. In disbelief, the 16-year old took toTwitterto thank the fans and her day-one supporters. Read more about buy TikTok Followers here. With Khaby‘s star on the rise, he even made his runway debut in the Boss x Russell Athletic capsule collection fashion show during Milan Fashion Week a couple months ago. He’s also pictured here in the gallery at the 2021 Venice Film Festival.



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But yeah, just knowing that somebody somewhere is watching my stuff and it’s making their day better, it feels it feels amazing," Kata said. Michael Le’s insane growth in June alone is largely to thank for his leading status as one of the fastest growing influencers on the platform. Bella Poarch was not a well-known name until August 2020 — in fact she posted her first video in April 2020 and has created only 84 videos. Everything changed when Bella posted an otherwise typical lip-syncing video on August 17th that broke TikTok records — showing the true nature of TikTok’s algorithm. For the 100 influencers studied, June experienced the highest average growth of followers while July had the lowest growth of the three-month period. Celebrities (e.g. Will Smith, Jason Derulo) and non-English influencers were removed from our dataset in order to provide our readers with the most relevant TikTok influencer marketing insight.



Fellow African creator Elsa Majimbo, who also gained popularity for her humorous reactions to Kenya’s lockdown, has collaborated with Valentino, appeared in campaigns for Fenty, won an E! People’s Choice Award, and was recently signed by the US Creative Artists Agency. Charli teased there are many more exciting opportunities to come in her now-infamous dinner party video, and fans can't wait to see what she does next.



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