2022 Workshop RSVP

List of scheduled meetings (ALL TIME ZONES EASTERN USA):


  1. Opening Ceremonies 5:00-7:15pm
  2. Drag Bingo/Poetry Slam 8:00-10:00pm


Session 1, 9:00-10:15am:

  1. Surrender Dorothy: AA, There’s No Place Like Home: Step 1; Surrender, powerlessness, unmanageability, HOW (honesty, open-mindedness, willingness), relapse prevention. Understanding addiction as a disease; working through what it means to surrender; powerlessness is power; coming back from relapse; there is no such thing as “try” – there is do or do not!
  2. Sponsorship – what it means, what to expect: A workshop to learn about the basics of sponsorship.
  3. How to be more welcoming to the Teenage/Young Newcomer: This panel discussion will bring together a variety of LGBTQ+ folks who got sober young and revolve around how we can better get the message across to young newcomers.
  5. Substance Use & The Brain: A workshop to learn about the neurobiology of addiction and how our physical bodies respond to addictive substances.
  6. Recovering from Debting in Sobriety: A workshop to learn the basics of Debtors Anonymous and if this program could help you.

Session 2, 10:45am-12:00pm:

  1. “Different Ways to Meditate”: A workshop to learn how to better practice the 11th step and learn new ways to meditate.
  2. Al-Anon; why do I need to go? What’s in it for me?: A workshop to learn the basics of Al-Anon and if this program could help you.
  3. “Creating a Safe & Inclusive Space for Queer & BIPOC in the Rooms of A.A.”: This panel discussion will bring together a diverse group of people in AA and hit critical questions of our time.
  4. Spirituality as the basis of Recovery: A workshop to learn how spirituality is a core aspect of many 12-step recovery programs and how to make space for that in your recovery.
  5. The Adoption Triad: The healing journey through sobriety: In this workshop we explore, express  and share our experiences of another triangle: The adoption Triad, which consists of the birthparent, adopted person and adoptive family. Please have your choice of art materials near  for an opportunity to engage in artist expression. Artwork can tell stories or express ideas as well as stir emotions. Art can be abstract or quite realistic. Art can also be healing.
  6. Who is my inner child? Using art to recover in ACA: A workshop that will draw on your artistic talents to better connect with your inner child.

Lunch Session:

  1. Twentieth Anniversary Panel, 12:30-1:30pm

Session 3, 2:00-3:15pm:

  1. “Demystifying the 4th Step: A Painless Approach”:The workshop objective is to clarify the simple and straightforward 4th step directions in the big book, utilizing supplemental material from the Joe and Charlie Big Book Studies. The content of this workshop will be much more practical and experiential rather than intellectual. We will use actual examples and have folks do some writing to demonstrate how simple this process really is, and how we often make it out to be much more complicated and painful than it ever needs to be. Newcomers/beginners are encouraged to attend!
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  2. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) Introduction Session and Panel: This panel will go over the basics of the Food Addicts program and if this program could help you.
  3. Role-Playing & Recovery: The Therapeutic Value of Tabletop Role-Playing Games: A workshop to learn about the therapeutic value of role-playing, including first-hand experience of running a game in treatment, learning more about gender through gaming, etc.
  4. General Service Workshop: A workshop to learn about the General Service Structure of AA and how you can get involved.
  5. In Service through Prayer and Meditation: The 11th Step: We addicts have minds that tend toward the negative, but we’ve been given the gift of prayer and meditation to still our minds and open our hearts. The 11th step is a powerful step; the place that one gets to trust God. Amaya V will speak on the power of prayer using the set aside prayer, the third step prayer, and several other prayers. Amaya will also facilitate a meditation based on the 11th step prayer. In addition, participants will write down three doubts and three joys that they have. There will be time for sharing at the end of the session.
  6. Higher Power Vision Board: In this session, Margaret M will tell how she moves toward her HP and the spiritual awakenings that gave her the strength to take action. See how Margaret M uses images and symbols in a vision board to represent her Higher Power. You will be invited to consider who, what, or where your higher power is OR consider what you want in your HP. This method of collage generates positive feelings and motivates you to move toward your HP daily. Join to participate in the discussion or join ready to create along with the group.

Session 4, 3:45-5:00pm:

  1. “Drop the Rock”:A workshop that will cover some of the basics of the widely-known “Drop the Rock” book as well as how we can use meditation in these efforts to drop emotional baggage. Come learn about how steps 6 and 7 can help you change your life today.
  2. Healing Benefits from Crystals for Recovery: Certainly, the Big Book, 12 steps, meetings, and fellowship are the mainstay for our recovery, but as the Big Book states, “God has abundantly supplied with fine doctors, psychologists, and practitioners of various kinds.” (Page 133, Paragraph 3). Amaya V will present the five main crystals used for addiction, speaking on their properties and how they can be helpful. In addition, Amaya V will then present several other crystals that will help to support, balance and heal other aspects of ourselves. Amaya V will end with a breath meditation to absorb and ground the crystal energies.
  3. Disabled & Sober:In this conversation we will discuss how ableism affects our recovery and how we can be more mindful in navigating the rooms.
  4. The Big Book and Sexuality:This workshop will dive deep into how we can use the guidance of AA on sex and sexuality to navigate our love lives in a sober way.
  5. Guided Mindfulness Practice and Relaxation:A meditation workshop to recenter yourself and learn how to calm yourself during trying times.
  6. Queer & Trans Yoga: Embodying Our Truth:This yoga class will allow you to come as your full self and reconnect with your body in a restorative way. Props such as a bolster (or pillow), strap (or towel/ scarf), blocks (or books), and a blanket may be helpful, but not necessary.

Evening sessions:

  1. Recovery Countdown/Chair Shares/Trauma Informed 12 Steps/Readings & Speaker/Cabaret/Talent Show, 7:15pm-12:30am


  1. Meditation Workshop, 6:30am-TBA
  2. Speakers Meeting/Closing Remarks/Join the planning committee, 10:30am-12:30pm

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